How to choose a great activity for your kid

How to choose a great activity for your kid
With so much choice for hobbies and activities, it can be hard to find the perfect thing for your child to do. Helping them find a hobby they enjoy is important to their ongoing wellbeing, and - if they enjoy it - it can influence decisions they make later in life.

1. What are they interested in?

The first question you need to ask yourself is: what is my child interested in? This is important because if you want them to truly enjoy what they're doing and stick to a series of classes, you need to ensure you get this right. If you're not sure, find some different activities your child can do for a day or an afternoon and then guage how they enjoyed the activity at the end. Also open this conversation with your child, what sorts of things do they want to do?

2. What is their personality like?

Different activities will suit different personalities. A quieter child may prefer arts and crafts over joining a soccer club, and vice versa. Let their personality guage the style of activity they may be interested in. Is your child introverted or extraverted? This may impact whether they will prefer an individual activity or group activity.

3. What are their strengths?

Sometimes just monitoring your child at home or school may help you to see their strengths. If you can find an activity where your child can use their strengths and not only enjoy it but be good at it and constantly improve, your child is a lot more likely to enjoy what they're doing. No one likes loosing - so choose an activity they will be good at.

Follow these simple tips and sure enough you'll find an activity your child will enjoy.

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